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Remote Virtual Desktops Manager

Ravada is a software that allows the user to connect to a remote virtual desktop. Ravada is meant for sysadmins who have some background in GNU/Linux, and want to deploy a VDI project.

Its back-end has been designed and implemented in order to allow future hypervisors to be added to the framework. Currently, it supports KVM and LXC is in the works.

The client only requirements are: a web-browser and a remote viewer supporting the spice protocol.

In the current release we use the KVM Hypervisors: KVM as the backend for the Virtual Machines. LXC support is currently in development.


  • KVM backend for Windows and Linux Virtual machines
  • LDAP and SQL authentication
  • Kiosk mode
  • Remote Access with Spice for Windows and Linux
  • Light and fast virtual machine clones for each user
  • Instant clone creation
  • USB redirection
  • Easy and customizable end users interface
  • Administration from a web browser




See production for production fine-tuning guidelines.


See operation.


See update.

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