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  1. This R package is designed to obtain USGS or EPA water quality sample data, streamflow data, and metadata directly from web services. See:

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  2. R tools for geo-web processing of gridded data via the Geo Data Portal. geoknife slices up gridded data according to overlap with irregular features, such as watersheds, lakes, points, etc.

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  3. An R-package for the analysis of long-term changes in water quality and streamflow, including the water-quality method Weighted Regressions on Time, Discharge, and Season (WRTDS). http://usgs-r.git…

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  4. Tools for interfacing R with ScienceBase data services

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  5. streamMetabolizer uses inverse modeling to estimate aquatic metabolism (photosynthesis and respiration) from time series data on dissolved oxygen, water temperature, depth, and light.

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  6. A system of R scripts and functions for executing and evaluating SPARROW surface water-quality models that generates graphical, map, and tabular output.

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