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UTexas Nuclear and Applied Robotics Group (Public)

University of Texas Nuclear and Applied Robotics Group, Public Repos

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  1. rviz_textured_sphere rviz_textured_sphere Public

    A dynamic textured skysphere for RViz

    C++ 47 15

  2. jog_arm jog_arm Public archive

    A real-time robot arm jogger.

    C++ 45 22

  3. netft_utils netft_utils Public

    A C++ class and a ROS node for ATI force/torque sensors connected to a Netbox.

    C++ 27 27

  4. pocketsphinx pocketsphinx Public

    Forked from Pankaj-Baranwal/pocketsphinx

    Updated ROS bindings to pocketsphinx

    Python 15 7

  5. pid pid Public

    A PID controller for ROS2.

    C++ 15 9

  6. move_base_to_manip move_base_to_manip Public

    Move the robot base until a desired end-effector pose can be reached.

    C++ 13


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