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Babylab Admin

Babylab administration and data warehouse system, written in CodeIgniter.


This CI project is a custom-tailored portal used to keep track of participants, experiments and appointments for the babylab, part of the UiL OTS Labs.


  • PHP 7.1+
  • PHP PDO (mysql) extension
  • Apache 2
  • MySQL(-like) database

This application integrates with a LimeSurvey installation, but this functionality is disabled by default. If you wish to use this, you have to supply a LimeSurvey 1.x installation. (LimeSurvey 2 has not been tested)


Installation is quite straightforward, but needs a functional Apache 2 environment. On request, a puppet module can be provided for automated deployments.

Setting up your code

  • Clone this repo to the root of the webserver folder*
  • Edit config.php (in application/config) to reflect your setup
  • Create a file in application/config called email.php based upon the email_default.php in the same folder. Edit this file for your own setup.
  • Repeat the last step for database.php

If you already have a database set up and up-to-date, you should be ready to go. If you do not, follow the instructions below.

Setting up your database

  • Import babylab_schema_20140722.sql into your database. (Skip this if you only need to update your database).
  • Enable the migrate controller by commenting out show_error in application/controllers/migrate.php.
  • Open your browser, and navigate to $host/index.php/migrate/install
    • You might need to temporarily disable the session library. You can do this by removing session from application/config/autoload.php. Remember to re-enable this library when you're done.
    • If you still encounter errors, try to manually install each migration on it's own by navigating to $host/index.php/migrate/version/$id
  • When you're done, git-revert migrate.php to disable migrations (and to make sure you don't commit the enabled file ;-) )

Adding a user account

Go to your database, and add a user entry to the users table. The password needs to be hashed with BCrypt. You can generate one on a command line with the following command:

php -r 'echo password_hash("PASSWORD HERE", PASSWORD_BCRYPT);'

Enabling limesurvey

  • Open database.php
  • Make a new database entry (you can copy paste the $db['default'] database), and call it survey.
  • Fill in your limesurvey database details.
  • Fill in the following constants defined in database.php:
    • LS_BASEURL: This is the place where you would find the index page for your limesurvey install
    • SURVEY_DEV_MODE: Set this to false.


The main language of this web application is Dutch, as it's aimed towards the mostly avid Dutch-speaking researchers of Utrecht University. However, there is a full English translation available.

Translations in other languages are possible, of course. Simply make a new folder under application/language for the desired language with the translated files in it.


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