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A WordPress Plugin for carousels 📰 📼
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Sand Carousel WP

This plugin creates custom post type named Slide that's displayed in the Sand Carousel. WARNING the project is still in development.


The carousels created with this plugin can be placed everywhere with the use of the plugin's shortcode:

[sand_carousel group='slides-group-slug' duration=5000 transition=500 resizable=0 autoplay=1 arrows=1 image_size='large' id='my_carousel' className='my-carousel']

The slides of the carousel are stored in the custom post type Slide. The plugin also creates a custom taxonomy called Slides Groups to handle the packaging of the slides into carousels.

Shortcode options

  • group controls which group of slides should be shown in the carousel; if no group was specified, the carousel will show all slides.
  • duration sets the duration of the slides in ms. The default is 5000.
  • transition sets the duration of the transition animation in ms. The default is 500.
  • resizable controls whether or not the carousel should be resizable; if resizable is set to 1 the autoplay will be set to 0 automatically. The default is 0.
  • autoplay controls whether or not the carousel should autoplay. The default is 1.
  • arrows determines the controls of the carousel. The default is 1 for arrow controls; 0 is for dots.
  • image_size determines the size of the attached image. The default is 'full'.
  • id adds id to the carousel's containing element.
  • className adds class to the carousel's containing element.
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