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Valotalive Logo

Valotalive - My Content API v1


Valotalive My Content API enables you to manage your My Content sources programmatically.

Enabling API access

  1. Enable API Access in your My Content app ( Settings -> API Access. API User Name is used only as a sender for posts sent by your app.
  2. Get api_key and api_secret from API Access.

Code Libraries

These libraries support all API endpoints. Save yourself some time and frustration and use them if possible.

API Description


  • All requests must have headers x-api-key and x-api-hash. x-api-key is api_key. x-api-hash is calculated individually for every request with request data and api_secret. See endpoints for exact calculation.
  • RESTful Web service. Supports methods GET, POST and DELETE
  • Throttling limit of 10 requests / min. Response 429 Too Many Requests if exceeded.


  • Payloads are delivered as form data for POST and DELETE requests and URL for GET requests. As all payloads are strings, the payloads of type JSON have to be encoded/stringified.


  • Responses follow HTTP status codes. (successful requests return 200 OK)
  • Response body is stringified JSON.

API Endpoints