Issues tracker repository, no code just problems for days.
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VectorMC Issue Tracker

Issues tracker repository, no code just problems for days.


This repository is designed for players to report server bugs pertaining to VectorMC. We encourage collaboration in order to determine the cause of an issue. Please follow the guidelines below.


If you find an exploit or other bug that could cause major issues, please consider the following:

  1. Privately contact VectorMC support about the issue.
  2. Do not disclose the issue to the public without allowing time for our staff to fix the issue.


Issues can be submitted using this link


  • Search the issue tracker to ensure that your issue is not already reported.
  • Be clear in your description.
  • Tell steps how to reproduce the issue.


Do not:

  • Bump issues.
  • Go off topic.
  • Add comments such as 👍, +1, "still broken" or "i like this idea"


Example format:



  • Steps to reproduce
  • When it was discovered
  • Screenshots/Video if possible