Simple fabric script for running site cron via Jenkins
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This script makes it easy to run Drupal's cron on a site via Jenkins. The main
reason that I prefer to do this over Jenkins is it makes it very easy to see if
a cron run failed at a glance. Additionally, drush allows you to see much more
information about what made a cron run fail rather than getting a 500 error.


Create a new job in Jenkins, and add the following to the Execute Shell section

  sh /usr/local/bin/drush_cron/

Change /usr/local/bin to point to where you choose to place this script.
If you change the location, be sure to update the script so that it can find
the fabfile. "" is the host that you want to run the script
on (i.e. your Aegir server), and "" is the site where you want to
run cron. Make sure that it matches the drush alias for your site.