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Automatically Gist-synchronises Pacman & AUR installed package lists.
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"Pug is a ALPM-hook to automatically save installed Pacman & AUR package lists into Gist files."

Inspired by plist-gist and pacmanity.


  • Painless: Backup and easily restore package lists
  • Elegant: Same text coloration than pacman
  • Smart: Gist revision after each command if change

Gist revisions


  • pacman - A library-based package manager with dependency support
  • gist - Potentially the best command line gister


The install process will ask your Github login to create Gist files and generate an OAuth2 access token.
pug uses that token to update your Gists as needed.

Package (AUR)

$ pacaur -S pug


$ git clone
$ cd pug
$ sudo make install (default: INSTALLGIST=1, gists creation)
# Or Uninstall
$ sudo make uninstall


Quickly install the package lists from Gists.

  • Install Pacman package list:
$ wget -O pacman-list.pkg [URL]
$ pacman -S - < pacman-list.pkg
  • Install AUR packag list:
$ wget -O aur-list.pkg [URL]
$ xargs <aur-list.pkg pacaur -S --noedit
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