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Analysis tool for Solidity smart contracts. Prototype.
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Analysis tool for Solidity smart contracts. Prototype.

With VeriMan you can define temporal properties using your contract's variables, and Solidity's numeric and boolean operations. Then, the tool instruments the contract to find a trace that falsifies at least one of the properties or prove that they hold. You can then check the instrumented contract against any tool that tries to make asserts fail, like Mythril, or any tool that also attempts to prove they hold.

For example, given the following contract:

contract Example {
    bool public a_called = false;
    bool public b_called = false;
    bool public c_called = false;
    int public num_calls = 0;

    function a() public {
        a_called = true;

    function b() public {
        b_called = true;

    function c() public {

        c_called = true;

You could define as temporal properties:

  • b_called -> a_called, where -> is a classical "implies"
  • previously(num_calls >= 0) && (num_calls >= 0), where previously refers to the previous state
  • since(num_calls > 0, a_called), where since(p, q) is interpreted as "in the transaction sequence executed, q was true at least once, and since then p was always true"
  • a_called -> once(num_calls > 0), where once(p) represents "p was true at least one time in the transaction sequence"
  • always(num_calls >= 0), with the interpretation of always you can imagine ☺️

VeriMan also allows you to directly use VeriSol and Manticore for the analysis: it runs the instrumented contract on VeriSol, if a counterexample is found, and Manticore usage is enabled, then the trace will be executed with Manticore to get a blockchain-ready transaction sequence.

Echidna is supported as well, if you set for_echidna to true in your configuration file, VeriMan will generate a contract ready to be fuzzed with it.


  • Python 3
  • npm install -g sol-merger
  • pip install -r requirements.txt
  • VeriSol if you want to use the verification feature.


  • Copy config_example.json into config.json and update values, you can define the properties there.
  • python


Contributions are welcome through PRs and OpenZeppelin's forum is a good place for questions and discussion in general, specially VeriMan's introduction post.


GPL-3.0-or-later © 2019 Vera Bogdanich Espina

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