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Hex is a 'strategy board game' played on a hexagonal grid. In alternate moves, the aim of the game is to be the first player, to form a connected path joining two opposite edges. The first player is supposed to connect the left edge to the right edge, and the second is supposed to connect the top edge to the bottom.

You can read about it in full detail [here](


  • The board is very statically made. That makes the alignment of the hexagons, the number of columns, and most of the layout highly fixed. It is also slightly incorrectly shaped, to fit on a mobile screen. The traditional size of an 11 x 11 board is not mostly navigable without a tablet. And this app doesn't adapt at the moment.

###Features to come

  • Make AI, to enable single player
  • Make size of board, and hexagons, flexible
  • Design layout for large boards to be playable on small screens. (Any way to do this cooler than scrollviews, so the entire navigation is smooth?)