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RLAT - Red List Assessment Tool

1. Requirements

You will need ruby 1.9.3. If you are under a UNIX machine, we recommend to install rbenv (rbenv users: $> rbenv local 1.9.3-p551). You will also need git in order to clone the repository.

2. Installation instructions

  1. Open up a terminal window, and go to a machine's folder

    $ cd ~/Sources
  2. Clone the repository

    $ git clone git://
  3. Go into the GeoCAT folder

    $ cd GeoCAT
  4. I case you have installed rvm, grant it to execute the .rvmrc file

  5. Install bundler

    $ gem install bundler
  6. Execute bundler install command

    $ bundle install
  7. Set up the database

    $ rake db:setup
  8. And then, start the server

    $ bundle exec rails server
  9. It should be working at http://localhost:3000

The Vizzuality team