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Version License: MIT CI Twitter: VladoDev

Beautifully shows Express/Koa/Hapi/Fastify routes in CLI.

route-list CLI example

📦 Installation

# Installs the package so it's globally accessible in terminal
npm i route-list -g

🔌 Configuration

Before you can use route-list on your project, we first need to make sure it's configured properly. In order for route-list to work, we need to export server "app". The example below is for Express but it also applies to Koa (with @koa/router)/Hapi/Fastify.

app.js / app.ts

const app = express();

app.get('/', (req, res) => res.sendStatus(200));
app.get('/products', (req, res) => res.sendStatus(200));
app.get('/products/:id', (req, res) => res.sendStatus(200));

// CJS
// Option 1: module.exports = app;
// Option 2: module.exports = { app, yourOtherExports... };
// Option 3: module.exports = functionThatReturnsApp;

// ESM
// Option 1: export default app;
// Option 2: export default { app, yourOtherExports... };
// Option 3: export default functionThatReturnsApp;

NOTE: In case you use SocketIO with Express, make sure to export Express app, not http.createServer server instance.

☁️ Usage


  • -g, --group - Display routes in groups separated with new line
  • -m, --methods <methods> - Include routes registered for HTTP method(s)
  • -i, --include-paths <paths> - Include routes starting with path(s)
  • -e, --exclude-paths <paths> - Exclude routes starting with path(s)


route-list server/app.js
route-list --group server/app.js
route-list --methods GET,POST server/app.js

NOTE: In case an app is part of NX monorepo, make sure to build it first.

💻 Programmatic Usage

import RouteList from 'route-list';

// Example result { "/": ["GET"], "/users": ["GET", "POST"] }
const routesMap = RouteList.getRoutes(app, 'express');

// Print routes to console

👨 Author

Vladimir Mikulic

🤝 Contributing

Contributions, issues and feature requests are welcome!

🍻 Credits

The project was inspired by new route:list command in Laravel 9. New route:list itself was inspired by pretty-routes project. Big thanks to Λlex Wulf for building pretty-routes and Laravel community for recognizing the usefulness of the project.

✏️ License

This project is licensed under MIT license.

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