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FortranFileStream is a basic attempt at a class that uses Fortran file units to read in data, but with a C++ stream syntax.

Some would say that this is a mad idea, but this is useful in the world of cross compiling Fortran and C++. I specifically needed it because I was partially rewriting a Fortran library in C++. Such I needed to do some C++ reading on the same file that the fortran needed to read. What's more I wanted to maintain C++ convention and so we have FortranFileStream.

A few notes:

  • The current implementation is compiler dependent. It is written using the autoconf macro FC_FUNC, however as the project is too small to warrant autoconf I have provided a version that works on MY system.

  • The method of passing strings as arguments to Fortran Functions also differs between compilers, so extra functionality may be needed here.

  • Currently we only support the reading of files, but the principles used (leveraging Fortran's "stream-like" read statements) should extend fairly well to writing files.


Simply use the given Makefile to build the Demo program. In terms of linking your own stuff to it I suggest that you use it as drop in code. Renaming the namespace and providing a real FC_FUNC from autoconf.