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  1. sequicity Public

    Source code for the ACL 2018 paper entitled "Sequicity: Simplifying Task-oriented Dialogue Systems with Single Sequence-to-Sequence Architectures" by Wenqiang Lei et al.

    Python 154 56

  2. Scientific Document Summarization Corpus and Annotations from the WING NUS group.

    194 78

  3. Forked from opensourceware/Neural-ParsCit

    Neuralized version of the Reference String Parser component of the ParsCit package.

    Python 63 16

  4. Forked from kite1988/nus-sms-corpus

    This is the distribution point for the NUS SMS Corpus as described and updated from This is a corpus of SMS (Short Message Service) messages collected for research at the Department of Computer Sci…

    17 3

  5. Forked from teacherpeterpan/Question-Generation-Paper-List

    A summary of must-read papers for Neural Question Generation (NQG)

    14 1

  6. cs6101 Public

    The Web IR / NLP Group (WING)'s public reading group at the National University of Singapore.

    JavaScript 17 15


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