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Here you'll find all the core components you need to create a delightful webapp. Customizable design system from Welcome to the jungle (@WTTJ) with react, typescript, styled-components, reakit and a lot of love πŸ’›



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Welcome UI

Welcome to the Welcome UI library created by Welcome to the jungle, a customizable design system with react β€’ styled-components β€’ styled-system and reakit.

Here you'll find all the core components you need to create a delightful webapp.

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1 - Install the peer dependencies listed below:

yarn add @xstyled/styled-components react styled-components

2 - Install the the core component and any other components you need for your webapp e.g. if you need just a button…

yarn add @welcome-ui/core @welcome-ui/button

Import library & Theme

Getting started

import React from 'react'
import { createTheme, WuiProvider } from '@welcome-ui/core'
import { Button } from '@welcome-ui/button'

// Add theme options (if you want)
const options = {
  defaultFontFamily: 'Helvetica',
  headingFontFamily: 'Georgia',
  colors: {
    primary: {
      500: '#124C80',
    success: {
      500: '#32CD32',

// Create your theme
const theme = createTheme(options)
export default function Root() {
  return (
    // Wrap your components with <WuiProvider /> with your theme
      // Will inject a CSS reset with normalizer
      // Will show the focus ring on keyboard navigation only

Develop on local

  1. First install and build the packages (only the first time)
yarn first:install
  1. Start documentation website
yarn start
  1. Start a watch on all packages to rebuild them easily
yarn watch
  1. and go to https://localhost:3020

Add some new icons

Follow the steps of icons/