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cesarsl commented Sep 21, 2020

Describe the bug
When using the characters with diacritics (' " ` ´ ^ ¸ ~), Storybook inserts white space characters between them and the ones before and after.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Create a story and define its <Meta title="" /> with a word and some diacritic character attached to it. Example: São
  2. Start Storybook
  3. Go to the story
  4. Ho
wbyoko commented Aug 3, 2020


The combo box list doesn't have a high enough z-index to overlap other positioned element such as the buttons for another combo box it could be placed above.

The z-index should be increased to make sure it covers non dialog items.

<img width="459" alt="Screenshot 2020-08-03 09 58 02" src="

cobaltwhite commented Aug 20, 2020

<Select /> and <DatePicker /> don't offer the option of accessing name, id and other props once the onChange handler triggers. An event object with this information is accessible in the onChange handler for <Input />.

Feature description

Provide access to these variables for Select and DatePicker. It is needed when the component is being passed handler functions from an

LFDanLu commented Aug 26, 2020

🙋 Feature Request

ButtonGroup currently adds an event listener for window resize events ( Now that we have a useResizeObserver hook, we should use it in place of the useEffect linked above.

🤔 Expected Behavior

The ButtonGroup's current behavior should be maintained afte

custa1200 commented Oct 7, 2019

One of the consumers of our system uses curly braces for content replacement in strings.

Due to the way that SD currently uses curly braces in the build process there is no way I can have a string that includes the braces for consumption.

I have tried a number of ways to escape the braces with no luck

Other languages and templating systems seem to use the concept of using double curly b

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