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A repository with installation scripts for wayfire
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wf-install is a script to install and configure Wayfire and related programs like wf-shell.

The general usage is:

git clone
cd wf-install

./ --prefix /opt/wayfire --stream 0.4.0

The last script will download all necessary components and install them to the given prefix. If you want to build the latest versions, use --stream master. For Wayfire and wf-shell, default configuration files will also be installed to $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/wayfire.ini or ~/.config/wayfire.ini

The script also has a few other options, which you can see by calling ./ --help is a script similar to, but assumes you have already built and installed Wayfire. It will simply update the downloaded code, recompile and install it to the same prefix as configured with

./ . 0.4.0

The first parameter is the toplevel directory where you started the build (i.e the folder with wayfire, wf-shell and wcm source), and the second one is the version of Wayfire to build.

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