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A domain searcher named GoogleSSLdomainFinder - 基于谷歌SSL透明证书的子域名查询工具
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Project Description

GoogleSSLdomainFinder is a domain searcher based on

Change records

  • 2016.12.21 Increase the file record function
  • 2016.12.22 Add the api library
  • 2017.01.05 complete api library, usage:
from GSDFA import GoogleSSLdomainFinder
domain = GoogleSSLdomainFinder('','show')
print domain.list() # output as a dict
  • 2017.09.16 update to v1.1
  • 2018.01.07 update to v2.0 (New feature:Identifies the subdomain which has expired)

Using Instructions

  • First make sure the computer is already installed on Python 2.x(Advice is 2.7);
  • If you use the Shadowsocks to access Google, please cancel the following lines comments and add proxies=self.proxies to requests
self.proxies = {
            'http': '',
            'https': '',
  • Download this script, extract and enter the extracted directory;

  • Run python -h, this is Terminal version;

  • The output is displayed in tabular form on the terminal, the results is also written in txt file.

Demo video


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