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Build your own splash screens for the FP2
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Build your own splash screens for the Fairphone 2 (FP2)

Building the splash screen


  • Python 2.7
  • PIL


Install python and python-imaging from your distro software repositories:

sudo apt install python python-imaging

Build the splash screen


python2 <raster image file>

Raster image file can be PNG, JPEG, BMP and GIF, 1080x1920 pixels size (FP2's resolution)

Splash image will be saved to ./splash.img

Flashing the splash screen

WARNING: Do at your own risk. I won't take any responsibility if this action bricks or damage your phone, although that seems unlikely. See the Restoring original image section if your image does not work as expected.


  • Fastboot Android SDK tool


Install fastboot or android-sdk-platform-tools if you want adb too

apt install android-sdk-platform-tools

Flash the splash screen

Boot your Fairphone 2 in fastboot mode, either by adb reboot bootloader (if you installed adb too) or by holding power down while booting your Fairphone 2.

Then run this command:

fastboot flash splash splash.img

Replace splash.img with the path to your splash screen, if other.

To boot your phone again, run:

fastboot reboot

Alternatively, you can hold the power button for some seconds.

Restoring original image

If your own splash screen didn't worked as expected, you can find official Fairphone 2 splash screens under the official-splash-imgs folder, here in the repo. lp_splash.img is the splash screen for Lollipop and mm_splash.img is the one for Marshmallow. Take either file and flash it with the instructions provided above.

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