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Latest commit daee778 Jan 22, 2017 [WebGL] Do not allow GPU muxing on some old Mac hardware

Reviewed by Simon Fraser and Darin Adler.

Some old Macbook Pro models should never use the
integrated GPU for WebGL, because they are unstable
when swapping between that and the discrete GPU.

Unfortunately this hardware configuration isn't in our
testing infrastructure, so it was confirmed manually.
Meanwhile, our existing tests make sure this patch
doesn't break anything elsewhere.

* platform/graphics/mac/
(WebCore::attachToAppleGraphicsControl): Helper function
to get a mach port that talks to Apple's Graphics Control
(WebCore::hasMuxCapability): Decides whether a system
can do live GPU switching, based on whether or not it
has a muxable GPU, and if that GPU is not the old hardware
we know is problematic.
(WebCore::hasMuxableGPU): Helper to return the static hasMuxCapability value.
(WebCore::setPixelFormat): Only request the integrated card when the
GPU is muxable.

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