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Examples Add a sample plugin to demonstrate the mute plugin API. Dec 4, 2014
JSTests Unreviewed, roll out r204901, r204897, r204866, r204856, r204854. Aug 24, 2016
LayoutTests [iOS DRT] Get basic viewport tests working in DRT Aug 24, 2016
ManualTests Implement preferLowPowerToHighPerformance for WebGL Aug 19, 2016
PerformanceTests It should be easy to run ES6SampleBench from the jsc shell Aug 24, 2016
Source Build the platform name dynamically for the phony WebKitLegacy framework Aug 24, 2016
Tools [iOS DRT] Get basic viewport tests working in DRT Aug 24, 2016
WebKit.xcworkspace WebKit.xcworkspace "All Source" scheme always copies OS X WebKitSyste… Mar 28, 2016
WebKitLibraries Attempt to fix the iOS 9.3 build Aug 19, 2016
Websites [JSC] Update the documentation of B3's Return opcode Aug 17, 2016
.dir-locals.el emacs: unreviewed. add settings for editing js files. Dec 20, 2011
.gitattributes Tell git-archive to not export .gitattributes and .gitignore Aug 29, 2012
.gitignore [GTK] Remove the autotools build Mar 25, 2014
CMakeLists.txt Restored ENABLE_WEBCORE option and used it in JSCOnly port. Mar 14, 2016
ChangeLog Add svn:global-ignores to the root to ignore *.pyc files everythere i… Aug 24, 2016
ChangeLog-2012-05-22 .: == Rolled over to ChangeLog-2012-05-22 == May 22, 2012
Makefile Add a new 'analyze' target to the makefile. This will make use of a new Jul 18, 2014
Makefile.shared "make ARCHS=x86_64" fails to build Jul 18, 2016