A demo browser for WebKitNix, using its C and Nix::Platform APIs
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A desktop browser using WebKitNix, with example implementations of its Platform API.


The code uses some C++11 features like range-based for loops, closures and variadic templates, so using GCC >= 4.7 will make your life easier.


Make sure you have Nix and all their libraries installed and pkg-config can find them:

  1. Go to WebKitNix source directory and build it with --prefix. For example:

    $ build-webkit --nix --release --makeargs=-j8 --prefix=~/nixbuild
  2. Go to WebKitNix output directory and install it:

    $ cd Release
    $ make install
  3. Now setup your environment (where '~/webkitnix/WebKitBuild' is your WebKitNix output directory):

    $ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=~/nixbuild/lib/:~/webkitnix/WebKitBuild/Dependencies/Root/lib64/
    $ export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=~/nixbuild/lib/pkgconfig/:~/webkitnix/WebKitBuild/Dependencies/Root/lib64/pkgconfig/
  4. Make sure you can find WebKitNix on your pkg-config

    $ pkg-config --cflags --libs WebKitNix
  5. Now go to Drowser source directory and do:

    $ mkdir build
    $ cd build && cmake ..
    $ make
  6. And finally run:

    $ ./src/Browser/drowser


Make sure you don't have LIBRARY_PATH set. Mixing it with pkg-config on CMake may cause linking errors.

Alternative build system: meique

Drowser started as a pet project, and used other pet project as build system: meique (http://www.meique.org). The meique.lua files are the equivalent of CMakeLists.txt. They are kept for historical reasons and Hugo maintains them, so contributors don't need to worry about them.