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Argotify is a french slangifier. A program that transforms any french text into french slang language, using various parameters for different slang styles.

It is my NaNoGenMo 2016 project, see the related issue for discussion.

Slang styles

There are many different ways of slang in French, I will try to implement several of them, as best as I can. Here's a list of French slang features I would like to implement:

  • Verlan (≈ Pig Latin in English?): cutting the word in two between two syllables and reverse the parts. Example: Ripou is the verlan of Pourri
  • Argot words: adding slang words or exclamations like "wesh", "gros", "sisi", "tkt", "tmtc", that are just used as punctuation ("Wesh" is the equivalent of "Yo" in English)
  • Simplified writing (SMS): simplifying the writing of words using shortcuts like in English for example when you write sk8 instead of skate
  • Poseyyy: emphasizing the endings of words that finish with the sound "é" by adding "eyyyy". Sometimes also duplicating the first syllables in the word, for example here: Poposeyyy (a slang made famous by a strange rapper(?) called Swagg man)
  • Other: multiplying the punctuations (typical internet comment writing style), etc ?

The program also includes a range input for every feature so that users can choose its degree in the text transformation.


The program exists as a browser extension for Firefox as well as Chrome, it allows it to be run on any visited webpage using Chrome or Firefox. It will be coded in Javascript.

A version of the program will be created for a text input using a textarea field in an HTML webpage.

For working on French syllables and Verlan slang, I use a small JS package I created called metriques.js.


French slangifier, program that transforms text into slang using various parameters







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