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Library for matching ant style paths, written in CSharp.
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Ant Path Matching

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Package for matching paths (files, directories) using the apache ant-style.


  • .NET Framework 2.0


Install the NuGet package using the command below:

Install-Package AntPathMatching

...or search for "AntPathMatching" in the NuGet index.

Getting started

The code below is an example how to use the library.

Standalone match

using AntPathMatching;
var ant = new Ant("/assets/**/*.{js,css}");
var isMatch = ant.IsMatch("/assets/scripts/vendor/angular.js");

Recursive match

using AntPathMatching;
var ant = new Ant("/assets/**/*.js");
var antDir = new AntDirectory(ant);
var matchingFiles = ant.SearchRecursively("C:\directory\", includeDirectoryPath: false);

Dependency Injection

using AntPathMatching;
	IAntFactory antFactory,				
	IAntDirectoryFactory antDirectoryFactory
) {
	var ant = antFactory.CreateNew("/assets/**/*.js");
	var antDir = antDirectoryFactory.CreateNew(ant);
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