keeps a record of our wars
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keeps a record of our wars

This application is designed to accept and parse an outgoing Slack webhook. Specifically, Warscribe takes a command like /addwar foo vs bar and appends foo and bar to a list of comparisons. It's being used in Devanooga's #holywars Slack channel. Warscribe is built to store its data in Airtable.


Currently, Warscribe will do one of two things when parsing a command. It will return its version if the invoked command was /addwar version. It will add two options to a list of comparisons when they are separated by vs, eg. /addwar foo vs bar. You can provide a context for the war by appending a semicolon followed by the extra context, eg. ; baz.


A few features are planned as soon as I (or others) get time to implement them. Here's an unordered list of them:

  • Initiate a war, using a command like /startwar that looks for today's war, then initiates it.
  • Auto initiate a war at a particular time without requiring a /startwar command.
  • Create a poll, using a command like /pollwar that generates a poll for today's war.
  • Handle polling itself instead of relying on other Slack tools like Simple Poll.
  • Closing a poll, using a command like /closewar writing the results to Airtable.
  • Automatically opening and closing polls without requiring a /pollwar//closewar.
  • Provide a simple web interface for viewing the current (and previous) war, poll, poll results, etc.