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Arduino-PlatformIO Simulator for PC
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Arduino - PlatformIO Simulator for PC

Simulator !?!? Arduino source codes is compiled and executed as PC applications

Can be used for education, testing and debuging, for working with Comm Ports, Internet, Math ...

Your source codes can work on each Arduino board

OR you can create normal GCC project read this

A few words in the beginning

  • Version: 1.0.3 ( very beta - may be bugs yet )
  • Windows ( and visual mode )
  • Linux - in progress...
  • Mac - later
  • Raspberry PI is a Linux - this platform can support the board - later
  • Please read WIKI
  • Tested at Windows 7, 8, 10, Ubuntu Linux


VIDEO: ( DOOM - visual mode )

The Compiler

  • Windows - MinGW-32 (GCC)
    • How to Install MinGW-32 VIDEO
    • Add to PATH C:/MinGW/bin;
  • Linux - GCC
    • How to Install GCC on Ubuntu Linux VIDEO
    • openSSL: sudo apt-get install libssl-dev
  • Mac - GCC


Install Platform

First install MinGW-32 or GCC on your PC

PIO Home > Platforms > Advanced Installation

paste link

Manual Install / Reinstall / Remove

  • .platformio\platforms\wizio
  • .platformio\packages\framework-wizio

Examples for:

  • GSM base AT commands
  • Sokets, HTTP/HTTPS
  • MQTT to the clouds Amazon, Google, Azure, Eclipse

Thanks to

Used source codes from

Support links

If you want to help / support:

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