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KanColle OpenDB

KanColle OpenDB Plugin and OpenDB Database is Transparent opened project.

All data will be sent anonymously. Readers can query all reported data from OpenDB SQL Server.

Anyone can report to server. OpenDB provides ReportAPI to everyone.

Author WolfgangKurz has all copyrights of data, for to prevent data's unauthorized use.

🔗 OpenDB Project Website

KanColle OpenDB Website

💻 Developed Environment

This plugin has developed on Windows 10 x64 Home, Visual Studio Community 2017.

KanColleViewer v4.2.10 rev.28, KR.

📧 Statistics data to send

This plugin/program will send following statistical data:

  • Equipment development data
  • Ship construction data
  • Ship drop data
  • Equipment improvement data

All data will be sent anonymously.

📄 License

⚠ Caution

- Standalone program will not work perfectly. It has deprecated.