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@X-CASH-official X-CASH-official released this Nov 6, 2018 · 16 commits to master since this release

This release rebases the core code to 13.0.4.
It also changes the proof of work algorithm to Cryptonight V8 (CNv2), enables bulletproofs, enables FlexPrivacy© (read more about this feature at and a fixed ringsize of 21.

This is a mandatory update for everyone, whether you use the GUI or CLI, you need to update before block 136000 (November 6, 2018) otherwise you will be on the wrong blockchain.

How to Upgrade / Install If you are using the GUI Wallet or CLI Wallet

For all operating systems - Upgrading

Download the .zip file for your operating system and unzip the folder. Then all the files into your current GUI or CLI Wallet folder and click on "replace all files" when your operating system asks you:

  • xcash-blockchain-export
  • xcash-blockchain-import
  • xcash-blockchain-mark-spent-outputs
  • xcash-blockchain-usage
  • xcashd
  • xcash-gen-trusted-multisig
  • xcash-wallet-cli
  • xcash-wallet-rpc
  • X-CASH_GUI_Wallet.exe

Upgrading for MacOSx

Download the installer (.pkg) file and run it. This will create a new (or update) X-CASH folder in your application folder. Then copy/paste your wallet files (walletname, walletname.txt, walletname.keys) to your newly created folder.

For all operating systems - Installing

Download the zip for your operating system and unzip the folder. Preferably close to the root C:/

If you are on Windows, always run X-CASH_GUI_Wallet.exe as admin (right-click > Run as administrator)


If you are on Macosx or Linux, you may have to run additional commands. Open a terminal in your GUI folder directory and run the file:
chmod +x && ./

File Checksums

Here is the SHA 256 checksum of each file so you can verify the downloaded file:

  • X-CASH_GUI_Macosx_1.4.0.pkg
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