@xrdavies xrdavies released this Nov 15, 2018 · 23 commits to master since this release

Assets 2

Windows x64: XDag.x64.zip
Windows x86: XDag.x86.zip
Mac: xdag.0.3.0.zip

List of changes:

  1. some optimizations for the better performance
  2. some refactoring in JSON-RPC to fix issues and implement required features
  3. DNET is rewritten to have better performance and stability
  4. new blocks are not generated until the pool is synchronized with the network
  5. several bugs and memory leaks are fixed
  6. issue with the size of temporary files is fixed
  7. issue with disconnection of miners is fixed
  8. issue with payment is fixed
  9. new way to manage orphan blocks to get better performance
  10. wallet issue in MacOS Mojave is fixed
  11. mined blocks which did not become main blocks are removed from the network