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This repository consits of two applications

  • Bali

    This is a teaching app built using Java/Android programming language. This app performs the following

    • Create a launcher that replaces the stock Android launcher.
    • Allow the child to earn points by learning. These points can be redeemed to use fun applications such as Photos, Camera, Music, Videos. If enough coins are not earned by learning, the child cannot use these fun applications
    • Log data to the XPRIZE ftp server
    • Learning application that helps the child learn reading using flash cards.
    • Provide the same data from flash cards to any other application installed on the tablet. This is to make sure the child is always learning the same concept from multiple activities or games
  • Goa

    This is a game built using Cocos2dx in the C++ programming language. It contains numerous activities and games for reading, writing and maths along with tons of stories. It derives the literacy data from Bali


Do you have questions about the code, content or data? Please reach out to the Global Learning XPRIZE Community.

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