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@Xaymar Xaymar released this May 28, 2019

Please use the most up to date version of StreamFX! You can find it here.

Step up your masking game because it is time for Dynamic Masks! With this filter you can use any other source as a mask for any other source, and decide just how that mask should be applied. Don't limit yourself with boring old Image Masking and just use literally any kind of video source to mask content!

Signed Distance Field Effects have also now gained the ability to render Glow and Outline, which can be used for making things glowy and outliney. Note that as OBS Studio does not support per-pixel blend operations, or any blend operations at all, the default Mix blend will be used with no way for me to change it. In addition to that, the effects will now look better than before, and should no longer have unexpected pixely outlines when using Inner Shadow or Inner Glow.

Various smaller fixes have also been applied, such as that the source tracking code now actually tracks renamed sources correctly instead of permanently showing the old name. Some properties will now have different hover text descriptions depending on the selected option, and the Displacement filter should no longer crash unexpectedly.



  • Improved support for building and running the plugin on Mac and Linux.
  • Improved en-US base translations.
  • Fixed source tracking not updating when sources are renamed.
  • Fixed log spam when a source can no longer be found.

Blur Filter

  • The description for the Type and Subtype fields now update according to the selected Type and Subtype.

Displacement Filter

  • Fixed a crash when a zero-length filename was given.
  • Fixed a crash when the selected file could not be found.

Dynamic Mask Filter

  • A new filter that allows you to use any other source as a mask for the source you are filtering, and define how exactly the masking should happen and use the red, green, blue and alpha channel as individual masks.

Signed Distance Field Effects Filter

  • Added Glow and Outline as options, allowing you to add an outline and glow to any source you wish to have a glow or outline on.
  • Improved rendering quality of all Signed Distance Field Effects filters.

Source Mirror Source

  • The description for Bounds Type will now update according to the selected Bounds Type.

Transform Filter

  • Position, Rotation, Scale and Shear properties now have a proper description.
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