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Tetra is an extended services package for TS6 IRC daemons with Lua and Moonscript support.


  • Lua / Moonscript script loading
  • Hooking on protocol events
  • Hooking on arbitrary events
  • Client/Channel/Server link tracking
  • Statistics via influxdb
  • Persistent data via etcd
  • Atheme integration

Things still in progress

  • Feature parity with Cod
  • Documentation on migration from Cod to Tetra
  • Scripts being able to define webpages

Building a script for Tetra is as easy as:

Command "PING", ->


From git

You need the following buildtime dependencies:

  • liblua5.1-dev
  • golang
  • libsqlite3-dev

Example commands to set up the global environment needed for Tetra are in the included Dockerfile.

$ go get
$ cd $GOPATH/

Continue with configuration.

From a tarball

Install liblua5.1-dev then extract the tarball and continue with configuration.


Look at the example config, copy it to etc/config.yaml or set TETRA_CONFIG_PATH to a file on the disk. Edit the config to your needs.


You need to set up etcd for runtime key->value support for Tetra. You also need to set up InfluxxDB if you want to have Tetra track channel and server statistics. An instance of Atheme with the XMLRPC module loaded is required.

You need the following lua rocks:

  • luasocket
  • moonscript
  • yaml
  • json4lua
  • lsqlite3

All are available in moonrocks.