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jQuery Package Manager. Or, package manager for jQuery plugins.

Or just jqpm.

Wait, what?

Yep, that's correct. While jQuery might not have a central plugin repository (yet), there is always GitHub.

jqpm will use it to find plugins you request and install them. For example:

$ jqpm install flot

installs the Flot charting library, placing jquery.flot.js inside current directory.


Like any package manager worth its salt, jqpm also lets you keep up with changes to stuff you have installed:

$ jqpm update

To accomplish that, a .jqpm directory is created that holds information about installed plugins. Make sure it's part of version control!

Is that even serious?

Maybe :-) I implemented it mostly for fun, as an experiment and simple exercise in several technologies I wanted to try out. But hey, it's totally possible it proves to be at least somewhat useful!

And if I want to try it... should have node.js and npm.

The preferred way for jqpm is to install it globally:

$ sudo npm install jqpm -g

Alternatively, you can install it locally and add symlink/alias to jqpm binary:

$ cd ~
$ npm install jqpm
$ ln -s ~/node_modules/jqpm/bin/jqpm ~/bin/jqpm  # provided ~/bin is in $PATH
$ echo "alias jqpm=~/node_modules/jqpm/bin/jqpm" >> ~/.bash_aliases
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