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A pythonic testing framework.


Testify is a replacement for Python's unittest module. It is modeled after unittest, and tests written for unittest will run under testify with a minimum of adjustments, but it has features above and beyond unittest:

  • class-level setup and teardown fixture methods which are run once each for an entire set of test methods.
  • a decorator-based approach for fixture methods, eliminating the need for super() calls.
  • More pythonic, less java-unittest
  • enhanced test discovery - testify can drill down into packages to find test cases.
  • support for collecting and running tests by 'tagging' modules, classes or methods.
  • A decorator-based approach to temporarily disabling certain tests, which strongly encourages documentation and eventual fixing of bugs.
  • Pretty test runner output (color!)

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Other Utilities


If you have anymore questions, you can message us here on github or send an email to For now we're going to try to use the github wiki/issue tracker and whatnot, but we might end up creating a google code site if that doesn't work out. Stay tuned.

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