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protocols for use with mrjob
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"Protocols? Why, those are my primary function!"

mr3po is a library of line-based custom protocols for use with the mrjob library.

mr3po is about the easiest Open Source project to contribute to. Just submit a class that can read and write an existing line-based format, and you've made a useful contribution.

Some guidelines for contributions:

  • put the code for your format in mrjob/<format name>.py
  • the name of your protocol class(es) should end in Protocol
  • if your protocol class(es) only handle single values (rather than key-value pairs), their name should end in ValueProtocol
  • include tests, in tests/test_<format name>.py. At least one test should inherit from tests.roundtrip.RoundTripTestCase.
  • external dependencies are fine, but should be optional; add them to extras_require in
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