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Squeezeit - Python CSS and Javascript minifier Copyright (C) 2011 Sam Rudge

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program. If not, see


Squeezeit is a small Python utility to scratch my own personal itch. It attempts to provide a lot of the features of the Rails asset pipeline with regards to combining and minifying bundles of Javascript and CSS files, pre-compressing .gz versions of files and simplifying management of site media.

Make shit happen

Download, install and run squeezeit /path/to/config.yaml (see below)


Squeezeit is configured through the use of YAML files. There are two types of YAML file needed for squeezeit to run;

Main config.yaml

Specifies the main configuration options for the bundler, such as source directories and output directories.

#Main bundle config
#All paths are relative to this file

#Logging level (Standard Python logging levels: DEBUG, INFO, WARNING or CRITICAL)
logging: INFO

#Specify the directory for bundle YAML files (The files that specify your bundles and their contents)
bundles: ./config/

#Where to output the bundles and bundle info file
output: ./bundles/

#Source files
css: ./css/
javascript: ./js/

#Bundle names include MD5 hash of contents (E.G. [bundlename]-[md5 hash].js - See bundle info file)
hashfilenames: true

Bundle configuration files

These are YAML files in the 'bundles' directory specified above. A bundle config file contains all the media that should be included with a particular bundle. Output bundles will be named the same as the YAML file (so media.yaml will output media.js, media.css etc.)

#Paths are relative to the 'source file' directories specified in the main config file
        - clear.css
        - fonts.css
        - bootstrap.css
        - main.css
        - jquery/core.js #Oh, you can use sub-folders too
        - main.js

All bundles will output 6 (or 3) files;

  • bundlename.js/css - Combined but not minified files, this is the same as cat file1.js file2.js >> bundle.js
  • bundlename.min.js/css - Combined and minified versions of the files. JS minification is done using JSMin and CSS minification is done using slimmer
  • bundlename.min.js/css.gz - Combined, minified and GZipped version of the file.

You don't have to include both javascript and CSS in a bundle, just leave the array blank in the bundle config file

Bundle info file

The bundler outputs a 'bundle info file' to output-directory/info.yaml. The bundle info file contains information about the sizes of the bundles, and their MD5 has (useful for using MD5 in filenames).

        md5: 3c716f5993efd3257fe17b219c6b6ecd #MD5 is generated from the combined data, before it's minified
        output: {
            gz: media-3c716f5993efd3257fe17b219c6b6ecd.min.css.gz,
            min: media-3c716f5993efd3257fe17b219c6b6ecd.min.css,
            raw: media-3c716f5993efd3257fe17b219c6b6ecd.css
        size: {
            gz: 328,
            min: 704,
            raw: 821
        md5: 9581d699b54badf07d4e1f60f77dca7d
        output: {
            gz: media-9581d699b54badf07d4e1f60f77dca7d.min.js.gz,
            min: media-9581d699b54badf07d4e1f60f77dca7d.min.js,
            raw: media-9581d699b54badf07d4e1f60f77dca7d.js
        size: {
            gz: 33142,
            min: 93837,
            raw: 93939

If ether Javascript or CSS source files are not specified in the bundle, the value of 'md5' will be set to false (md5: false) so you can detect that from your code.

It wasn't all me

Squeezeit includes two excellent libraries to do it's work (on top of the standard Python ones);

  • - By Douglas Crockford and Dave St.Germain
  • Slimmer - By Peter Bengtsson

Other cool things to check out;

  • PNGCrush - Great at optimising images and stuff