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YouMagine PHP SDK

The official PHP library that you can use to interface with YouMagine. Please note that this SDK is mainly to demonstrate how to consume the API, and only the most used operations are implemented. However, it is easy to add the methods you need with only basic PHP knowledge. When you add functionary, please issue a pull request so we can add your contribution.

Quickstart with example application

If you are running Linux or MacOS X, you can quickstart with the console commands below (PHP 5.4 or higher is required to run PHP's built-in webserver)

git clone
cd YM-php-sdk
php -S localhost:8000 -c php.ini

Then visit http://localhost:8000/youmagine-php-api-example.php in your browser.

If your PHP version is < 5.4, we recommend either to update your PHP version (find some assistance here) or install another type of webserver, for example Apache.

Using the SDK in your application

NOTE: when your are developing you own application that integrates with YouMagine, you first need to register your application with YouMagine. Please follow the guidelines at

When using the PHP SDK in your own web application, you only need the youmagine.php file.


Then include the file...

include_once youmagine.php

... and instantiate the YouMagine class:

$youMagine = new YouMagine('your youmagine application name here');

The YouMagine SDK is using HTTPS by default (it is recommended because you do not want to send and receive authentication tokens over plain HTTP). If, however, it is not possible for your application to use HTTPS, you can switch to HTTP:

$youMagine = new YouMagine('your youmagine application name here', array(
    'https' => false


You can contribute in two ways. Let us know which functionality you're missing or what bug you found through the issue tracker. Also, you can fork this repository and create a pull request. Please try to make your pull requests isolated, so no unrelated changes in a single pull request. Each set of related changes should have its own pull request. Also, try to adhere to the coding style that exists, with respect to whitespace and brackets. Please fork from the latest master branch before starting to make your changes. Thanks a lot!


If you have any questions regarding the PHP SDK or the API, feel free to contact us:


The official PHP library that you can use to interface with YouMagine.







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