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YunoHost Huginn app


  • Work only on root-domain
  • No SSO auto login
  • Eveything is compiled from source, may take a while to install.

##Tested on :

  • Debian 7.9 inside Docker

##Config Post Install

Change the Unicorn config if needed, the has a section explaining the suggested amount of unicorn workers:

# Increase the amount of workers if you expect to have a high load instance.
# 2 are enough for most use cases, if the server has less then 2GB of RAM
# decrease the worker amount to 1
sudo -u huginn -H editor config/unicorn.rb

##Files unicorn.rb and .env are located in :


Note: You have to re-export the init script every time you change the configuration in .env or your Procfile!

sudo rake production:export

#More information: