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TagSpaces for YunoHost

This YunoHost app is the self-hosted version of TagSpaces (information below). It is a self-hosted alternative to Evernote. TagSpaces do not store data by itself. Instead, you could either use it to manage your local data, or to manage WebDAV data (such as a folder in your OwnCloud app). Note: The data sources are stored in your web browser, meaning that other users won't have access to them and that you will have to redo your setup on other computers.

The current version of the YNH TagSpaces app is v1.12.0. I will not update at the moment because the newer version has a different UI that conflicts with SSOwat (the file creation icone is placed under the YunoHost icon...)

Configuration with the OwnCloud app as data source

  • Browse to your app
  • Create a new location with the path to your OwnCloud app folder without the domain name (only local owncloud installs work): /owncloud/remote.php/webdav/tagspaces (given you have a "tagspaces" folder at the root of your OwnCloud files)
  • Give a name to your location and save.
  • A dialog for credentials entering will appear. Enter here your ownCloud username and password.
  • That's all, you can now browse your ownCloud files in TagSpaces. More information: http://www.tagspaces.org/webdav-edition/

tagspaces logo


TagSpaces is a open source application for managing of your local files. You can find more information about it on its website tagspaces.org. For a quick TagSpaces introduction please see this video on youtube.


  • File managing & tagging: TagSpaces provides a convient interface for browsing, viewing and tagging of your local files
  • No-Cloud: TagSpaces is running completely serverless on your laptop, desktop or tablet and does not request internet connection or any kind of online registration or service provider.
  • Note Taking: You can create and edit notes in plain text, markdown and html file formats
  • Cross-platform: TagSpaces runs perfectly on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and as extension in Firefox and Chrome.


Lead TagSpaces Screenshot

How to setup the TagSpaces WebDAV edition?

You can find information on this topic on the TagSpaces blog.


TagSpaces's code uses the AGPL (GNU Affero General Public License) Version 3, see our LICENSE file.