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Simple-to-use music bot with features such as bass boost, nightcore, seek, search, and more.

GitHub package.json version (branch) GitHub package.json version (branch)

CodeFactor Grade Discord

🎡 Public Instance

Quaver is available for public use here, and its dashboard is available here. Keep in mind that this instance of Quaver will only run the latest stable version.

πŸš€ Getting Started

Using Quaver

Quaver utilizes Discord's built-in slash commands, buttons, select menus, modals, and more. After deploying the commands, type / into your chat to list Quaver's commands.

As Quaver is designed to be as user-friendly as possible, users should be able to immediately understand how a function works within Quaver without having to read any documentation.


  • Node.js v16.9.0 (or higher)
  • Lavalink (latest release is preferred)

Please note the connection details of your Lavalink instance. You will need to specify them in settings.json later.


  1. Clone the repository
  2. Make a copy of settings.example.json and rename it to settings.json
  3. Edit the fields in settings.json as necessary

Refer to for a detailed explanation on configuration.

  1. Run npm ci to install packages required to run Quaver
  2. Run npm run build to compile the source code
  3. Run npm run slash-deploy to deploy slash commands
  4. Run npm start to start Quaver


Can I get in trouble with Google/YouTube for using this?

I cannot guarantee anything. However, the chances of getting into legal trouble is slim if your bot is used privately. I would still exercise caution when hosting any music bot.

Can you add x feature to Quaver?

I'll consider it! Submit an issue here and I'll be happy to take a look.

I changed the language through the /settings command. Why isn't it updating in slash commands?

Slash commands are defined when running npm run slash-deploy.

This means that slash command descriptions will follow the language set in settings.json (defaultLocaleCode key), and not the language set through the /settings command.

I changed defaultLocaleCode, but it isn't updating in slash command descriptions. Why?

You need to re-deploy the commands using npm run slash-deploy for the new locale to take effect.

Due to Discord's limitations and the localizations we have, we don't currently use Discord's localized command name & description functionality. This may be worked on in the future.

Can I control Quaver from some kind of website/dashboard?

Yes! As of 5.0.0, Quaver has a web dashboard add-on available here. Please note that this is an optional addon and is not required to run Quaver normally.

πŸ’¬ Translating

Take a look at our Crowdin project.

πŸ“ Contributing

Refer to