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A project to reverse-engineer and recreate Surreal Software's Riot Engine with the ultimate goal to be able to run the game Drakan: Order of the Flame on a modern GNU/Linux system.

This project is still in an early stage. Most things are still work-in-progress and the current state of the engine differs from the original game in a significant way. OpenDrakan is definetly not a worthy replacement for the original engine yet. Until that is the case, I'd recommend to check out the AiO patch, found among other downloads on Arokh's Lair. It fixes some issues with the original game that might prevent you from playing otherwise.

My documentation on the Riot Engine's SRSC file format can be found here. Additional documentation can be found in the OpenDrakan wiki.

Copyright notice

Everything in this project was created specifically for OpenDrakan or was taken from other open-source projects in accordance with their respective license. This project does not and will never distribute any copyrighted material by Surreal Software or Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (who aquired Surreal Software in 2009). OpenDrakan will not enable you to play Drakan without owning a legal copy!

All information on the Riot Engine has been aquired through reverse engineering or by other, non-copyright-infringing means.


You'll need zlib, an OpenAL implmentation like OpenAL Soft, Bullet and OpenSceneGraph along with their respective dependencies, as well as CMake to generate the Makefiles. On Linux, these should be provided by your distro, so simply installing the appropriate packages should suffice to compile OpenDrakan. This was tested successfully on Debian and Arch Linux.

Once you have all dependencies, fire up a terminal in the project root and do your usual CMake building routine:

$ mkdir build && cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make


Run the opendrakan executable in the root directory of the game (same directory that contains the Drakan.exe) to load the intro level. To load a specific level, run OpenDrakan with the path to the *.lvl file as an argument.

Right now, OpenDrakan has a few command line options to inspect Drakan resource files and extract data from them to aid in reverse-engineering. You can get an overview of these using the -h option.

Depending on the current state of the project, your results may vary. Right now, some levels load while others don't. Most testing has been done on the "Ruined Village" level, so that's the one you probably want to try out OpenDrakan with.


OpenDrakan is released under GPL 3.0 (see LICENSE for full license text).