JavaScript library for interfacing with mastodon
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JavaScript library for interfacing with mastodon


This library isn't finished, and doesn't yet support posting to a mastodon instance.

Registering an app

var app = new Libodon(app_name, redirect_url)
var connection = app.connect(server_url, user_email)
  if(conn.result == 'redirect') {
    // now holds an URL that the browser / user agent should be directed to
  } else if(conn.result == 'success'){
    // connection is successful and the app is usable

app_name is the name of your app - can be anything. redirect_url should be the address of your app, but can be the special value of urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob to ask to server to just provide the auth code. server_url should be the address of your server e.g. user_email is probably unnecessary, but is intended to be the users login email. If the auth code is provided without redirecting back to your app, then you need to load your app with the url parameter code set to the auth code. E.g. localhost/app.html?code=XXXXX

Once you've loaded your app with the auth code, the connection should succeed, and you're ready to use the rest of the API.