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To provide a consistent experience on every system, docker and docker-compose is used during development and production.

Using Docker and Make (recommended)


  1. Install Docker and Docker Compose

  2. Start the development server

    make dev

    This will start a development server on http://localhost:3000

  3. Seed the database.

    make dev-seed

    The development setup uses an SQLite 3 database, which can be found under /db/development.sqlite3


  1. Install WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux)
  2. Follow the instructions for Linux/Unix above

Directly on your system

  1. Install asdf
  2. Install dependencies: asdf install
  3. Install gems: bundle install
  4. Migrate the db using bundle exec rails db:migrate
  5. Seed the db using bundle exec rails db:seed
  6. Start Tap by running bundle exec rails s


You can generate a production docker image using:

make build

The image will be tagged under tap:latest


Can I use Tap for development without setting up Tab? Tap does not sync with Tab when in development mode. The user's balance is mocked by Ƶ12.34 instead.
How do I login as the "Koelkast" user? In development, you can login as Koelkast using the link: https://localhost:3000/sign_in?token=token
I get a "mismatching_redirect_uri" error when trying to login The Zeus authentication provider has a pre-configured list of hosts that are allowed to use the login. http://localhost:3000 is on this list and should be used for development.
Docker image build is stuck on "Fetching gems..." or another command If you are connected to the **`eduroam`** network, Docker build will not have access to the internet. This is because eduroam and docker use the same IP range, which causes conflicts. To solve this you can [reconfigure Docker to use a different IP range]( A recommended range can be `` which is rarely used by other networks.
There are no transactions going from Tap to Tab The delay job may not be running. You can start it using:
sudo -u tap RAILS_ENV=production /home/tap/production/current/bin/delayed_job start