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Project sample: developing with InterSystems Caché without Studio
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Caché Project Development Without Studio

This repository includes sample minimalistic Caché project, which is developed and maintained out of Caché environment, directly in the file system. By running import.bat script the project imports to Caché.

To get more advanced example, please check the extended version tree.

This project includes DevProject.Robot class with Message() method. Any other classes should go in hierarchy under the source/cls directory.


Requires Git and Caché 2016.2+ to be installed.

Prepare the import

  1. Clone this repository to your local file system.
    • Use git clone to clone the project.
    • Then enter cloned project's directory: cd cache-dev-project.
  2. Edit import.bat (Windows) or (*nix) script:
    • Set CACHE_DIR variable to the directory of installed Caché in your system. Do not add whitespaces before or after = symbol.
    • Set NAMESPACE variable to the namespace you want to import project to.
    • Set USERNAME and PASSWORD variables if Caché instance requires ones.
  3. Each next time just run the import.* script!
    • You should receive build and import log, saying IMPORT STATUS: OK at the end.
    • After successful import, run do ##class(DevProject.Robot).Message() in Caché terminal to check if project imported.


Feel free to improve and upgrade this repository, just keep it minimalistic.

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