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Zolertia RE-Mote platform

The RE-Mote is a hardware development platform designed jointly with universities and industrial partners, in the frame of the European research project RERUM (REliable, Resilient and secUre IoT for sMart city applications). The RE-Mote aims to fill the gap of existing IoT platforms lacking an industrial-grade design and ultra-low power consumption, yet allowing makers and researchers alike to develop IoT applications and connected products.

The platform is based in the Texas Instruments CC2538 ARM Cortex-M3 system on chip (SoC), with an on-board 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 RF interface, running at up to 32 MHz with 512 KB of programmable flash and 32 KB of RAM, bundled with a Texas Instruments CC1200 868/915 MHz RF transceiver to allow dual band operation.

RE-Mote features

The RE-Mote in a nutshell packs:

  • ISM 2.4-GHz IEEE 802.15.4 & Zigbee compliant radio.
  • ISM 863-950-MHz ISM/SRD band IEEE 802.15.4 compliant radio.
  • ARM Cortex-M3 32 MHz clock speed, 512 KB flash and 32 KB RAM (16 KB retention)
  • AES-128/256, SHA2 Hardware Encryption Engine
  • ECC-128/256, RSA Hardware Acceleration Engine for Secure Key Exchange
  • User and reset button
  • Consumption down to 150 nA using the shutdown mode.
  • Programming over BSL without requiring to press any button to enter bootloader mode.
  • Built-in battery charger (500 mA), facilitating Energy Harvesting and direct connection to Solar Panels and to standards LiPo batteries.
  • Wide range DC Power input: 3.3-16 V.
  • Small form-factor (73 x 40 mm).
  • MicroSD (over SPI).
  • On board RTCC (programmable real time clock calendar) and external watchdog timer (WDT).
  • Programmable RF switch to connect an external antenna either to the 2.4 GHz or to the Sub 1 GHz RF interface through the RP-SMA connector.
  • Supported in Open Source Operative Systems as Contiki, RIOT and OpenWSN (in progress).

What does the above means? what can I do with the RE-Mote?

All sort of cool stuff! from building a fast prototype to watering your garden automatically to scale your very own connected product into the mass market in no time! how? by having the required components to fasten your development bundled in a single board:

  • Two radios to use both residential/indoor and long-range applications. The maximum range is between 100 meters and 20 km, with highly configurable radio parameters such as modulation, data rate, transmission power, etc.

  • Two radios (short and long range), compatible with existing and trending protocols such as Thread and SIGFOX, but you can also develop your own applications on top of very well supported protocols like 6LoWPAN and IEEE 802.15.4, without vendor restrictions or licenses

  • Ultra-low power operation, ranging from 1uA to 150nA, what does this mean? you can power your application theoretically for more than 10 years, do the math: a pair of 2xAA batteries has a 2300mAh capacity

  • External storage over a micro SD card, to easily store and retrieve your data

  • Battery charging, use rechargeable LiPo batteries without ANY external component. Directly power with solar panels and other energy harvesting methods. You can also recharge the batteries while the RE-Mote is connected over the USB

  • Increased security with on-board hardware security (SHA2, AES-128/256, ECC-128/256 and RSA for secure key exchange)

  • Industrial-grade robustness with an external watchdog timer to ensure the application runs without interruption, recovering from faults

  • Real Time clock capabilities to develop applications based on real time information, like putting your devices to sleep and wake up every 5 minutes to send data only

  • Available interfaces and connectors to plug-in directly any different sensors (analogue and digital)

  • Supported in Open Source operative systems! benefit from a wide-world community of developers (working in Universities, research centres and developing the latest advancements in IoT), develop your application on top of well-proven and supported libraries and features.

Supported Operative systems

The RE-Mote platform (current Revision A) has been successfully ported to the following Operative Systems:

A current OpenWSN port is currently under work.

What do I need to start working with the RE-Mote?

Only a few steps are required to start working:

Online documentation

Please find below more relevant information about your RE-Mote platform, such as the datasheet and pin-out, but also useful resources like specific how-to's and guides.

RE-Mote pin-out

RE-Mote revision A pin-out

The RE-Mote in its current Revision A has the following pin-out:

RE-Mote pin-out (front) RE-Mote pin-out (back)

RE-Mote revision B pin-out

RE-Mote pin-out (front)

RE-Mote ports and connectors

RE-Mote on-board connectors pin-out

The RE-Mote uses the Molex 5-pin WM4903-ND male header connector to connect digital sensors based on I2C and SPI protocols, as well as other sensors or actuators you may need to connect. The pins are 2.54 mm spaced and the connector has the following pin-out:

The RE-Mote also has available 2 x ADC ports that can be used with the Molex 3-pin WM4901-ND male header connector, providing the normally used GND and VCC pins to connect analogue sensors. Depending on the sensor power operation requirement you can use the ADC1 (3.3V) or the ADC3 (5V) (note that ADC2 is not exposed to a connector, but you can always solder a wire to it). The pins are 2.54 mm spaced and the connector has the following pin-out:

Note that some sensors and devices (like the ones from Grove) have a different pin spacing. You can either solder your own wiring, or purchase ready to use cables compatible with Grove digital and analogue cables.

Technical documentation

This section includes technical documentation such as the datasheet, schematics and others. Click on the title or here to browse the available documents. If you miss any other document, please drop us an email at


The datasheet is available for download Here

Specific guides


Revision B

Revision A

Enhancements in next Revision

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