RE Mote LiPo battery

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Store a battery inside the RE-Mote enclosure

The RE-Mote platform was designed to fit a custom indoor enclosure, perfect for demoing and stylish a workplace.

In addition, the new revision B design allows to connect a standard LiPo battery over a 2-pin connector (2.54mm pitch).

In combination with the built-in battery charger, this enables to recharge a battery when the RE-Mote is connected over USB, or powered via its VIN pin (3.5-16VDC) using energy scavenging like solar panel, or conventional 9-12VDC common in most industrial environments.

Depending on the size of the battery (maximum space allowable is 50x30x5mm, see photos below) and the length of the cable and connector (we tested with 80mm cable lenght, connector included, see photos below) it is possible to pack inside a RE-Mote a LiPo battery.

The battery commonly distributed by Zolertia is a Li-ion battery pack with 50x30x5mm dimensions and 800mAh capacity, shown in the photos below. Depending on your project a smaller battery with less capacity should do as well.


First remove the screw on the top right side of the enclosure using a star-shaped screwdriver. If you have a LiPo battery with a smaller size this may not be necessary.

Next place the battery as shown on the photo below, notice the length of the wire requires a bit of twisting, depending on your soldering skills you may just want to cut the cable and shorten its length, or even solder the wires directly to the 2-pin battery connector.

Note batteries are not perfectly shaped and may have irregular edges or folds, take the instructions above with a pinch of salt in cases your battery may be a bit bigger due to the combing of the battery, corners, etc.


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