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In Memory of Emmanuel Papin

The ZoneMinder team would like to dedicate this release to Emmanuel Papin. Emmanuel was a significant contributor to this project and even went on to write a license plate plugin. You can view his work here: https://github.com/manupap1/libzoneminder-plugin-openalpr

It is with great sorrow that I must report his passing on August 19, 2015. He will be missed.

Important Feature Deprecation Announcement

The following features are planned to be removed from the ZoneMinder project in a future release:

  • Autotools – Build using cmake instead
  • Mobile Skin – Use a mobile app, such as zmNinja
  • XML Skin – Use the new API instead

Significant New Features and Changes

The ZoneMinder API! This is now the supported way for third party tools and apps to communicate with ZoneMinder. Please contact us if you find anything lacking in the API.

Referred to by us as MultiServer, ZoneMinder now supports the display of cameras attached to multiple ZoneMinder servers via a single web console. Previously, something similar could be done by adding a camera with a url that pointed to another ZoneMinder server. While this worked, it was inefficient, as processing and storage were duplicated across both servers. The new MultiServer feature accomplishes the same thing, but leaves the processing and storage to the server the camera is assigned to. This feature is targeted towards two environments. The first is an enterprise environment where scalability is desired. The second is what I'll call a micro-server environment, where each "server" is something small, such as a Raspberry Pi. Documentation for this new feature can be found under the /docs folder or at http://zoneminder.readthedocs.org .

The option USE_DEEP_STORAGE has been hidden. This option has been enabled as the default for many years. Recently, it was identified that turning this option off resulted in the near immediate deletion of events from the disk. Not good. Consequently, this option can no longer be modified from Options. In the unlikely event that you have a working system not already using deep storage, please contact us so we can get that enabled without loss of your data.

ZoneMinder no longer uses php short open tags.

ZoneMinder has limited ONVIF discovery support, but it must be enabled at build time. We could use someone to build and test this on different makes and models of cameras.

For those using Groups, this feature has been expanded into its own permission group for greater flexibility. This change has a default permission of none or off. Consequently, if you are using Groups, you will need to enable this under each user account.

The libvlc source type should be more stable now. We finally discovered the cause of a rather nasty fault and have fixed it.

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v1.29.0 (2016-02-03)

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v1.29.0-rc2 (2016-01-05)

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v1.29.0-rc1 (2016-01-01)

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How to Get the Source Code

Due to the use of git submodules, we recommend you use git to clone the ZoneMinder repo to your local disk and then checkout release-1.29.0. However, we have also provided the file ZoneMinder-1.29.0.tar.gz for you below. It contains the source code and the required submodules. Do NOT click the links below labeled "Source code" as they do not contain the required git submodules and ZoneMinder will not build without them. If someone knows how to remove those links from the Releases page, I'm all ears.