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Welcome to the hadoopoffice wiki!

hadoopoffice is a library for processing Office documents, such as MS Excel Spreadsheet, on Hadoop and ecosystem components (e.g. Spark/Hive). The data in the documents can be combined with any data you have on Hadoop.

It contains the following components:

  • Hadoop File Format to enable any MapReduce/Tez/Spark application to rows containing data from Office documents from files in HDFS. This format supports the original mapreduce api (mapred.*) and the alternative mapreduce api (mapreduce.*)
  • Spark Datasource to use the HadoopOffice library via the Spark DataSource API

In the future we will add further components:

  • Hive Serde for making rows containing data from Office documents available in Hive to be queried using SQL
  • Hive UDF for providing additional metadata, such as comments, in Office documents in Hive

Supported formats:

  • MS Excel (*.xls, *.xlsx) based on parsers of Apache POI

How-To Guides:

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