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process-control using small standard controllers (weinert-automation)
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Raspberry Pi IO with Java — the project

This project implements Raspberry Pi general purpose IO with Java enabling Java process control programs on this small system. See more on the blog post hereunto.
Please uses this post's comment function for issues and comments on this project.

The containing projects

rasProject_01part is a very small subset of rasProject_01, see also
on SVN.

frame4j_part(de.weAut) is a very small subset of frame4j containing just the Java version of the Raspberry Pi I/O helper and utility classes as well as demos/tests. All those I/O with Java programs use the pigpiod daemon/server.

See also Frame4J on SVN and rasProject on SVN. But, for your convenience, the parts of those projects relevant for the Java PI IO are mirrored here for those preferring Git over SVN or web download.

See also

web content and blog by A. Weinert

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