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Music theory and generated music
Ruby C++
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Music thing

This thing implements some music theory.

Install by typing rake install.


Setup (OS X)

  • Open Audio MIDI Setup, click the IAC Driver and make sure the device is on and that it has a port.
  • Get Propellerheads Reason 5. The demo version should work.
  • In Reason, go to Preferences -> Advanced -> External Control and choose IAC Driver Bus 1 for Bus A.



Mfiuegw plays music according to some rules defined in mfiuegw.rb.

Enter demos/ and open mfiuegw.rns with Reason, and start the demo by typing:

ruby mfiuegw.rb

If you have everything set up correctly, you'll hear sounds.

MIDI input

midi\_input.rb uses your MIDI-keyboard and processes the notes in some way.

Before you try it, you'll need to compile a small helper program which you can find in demos/midi_input/. Just run make and hope for the best.


  • Fix note lenghts from midi.
  • Refactor the midi thing.
  • Beat trees should be able to be longer than one measure.
  • Delegate chord selection to the midi sequence player.
  • In F major, the IV should be called Bb instead of A# so that we don't get two As.
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